Welcome to a sacred place that holds women as the unique precious jewels that they are, where they are seen, celebrated, and embraced in acceptance and community.

Our deepest passion is to bring that primal flame of the Sacred Feminine into our work to honour the rhythms of Womanhood and the Great Mother’s seasons and cycles as we change.


Come and join us in the safe, sacred, nurturing and creative space of the Red Tent Circle.

At the heart of all we do at the Women’s Hearth is Circle work. The Circle is the symbol of the womb, reflects perfectly the journey of woman from birth to Elderhood and beyond, as well as being the perfect container to hold community, honour equality and honour Earth as She turns each day, each season and each year.

Below are some of the specific Circle offerings we gift women at the Hearth - to be honest we use Circle medicine in all of our work whether it be on one of our glorious Retreats or woven into a Drum Making journey.

Our Circles are always tender, beautiful, sacred, safe and nourishing. We have been Circling now for 12 years and so are experts at holding sacred space. You will be welcomed always with open hearts and open arms, with blessing and honouring, ritual and ceremony. You will leave one of our Circles inspired, rewoven and feeling deeply loved.
Womens Hearth Circle Parents and Kids
Please let us know if you would like to bring a group of women together in Perth or the South West of Western Australia for any of the delicious Circles below and it will be our delight to bring a Circle to you. And do keep an eye out for our upcoming Circles by signing up to our newsletter, and following us on social media.

Anne-Marie and Penny facilitate the Circles with great care and compassion, grounded in a wealth of experience and deep passion for their work with women. Circle space is always beautiful, reverent and inviting, welcoming all to just come, be and bathe in the glory of what it is to be woman.

Red Tent Circles

As a woman, being part of a Red Tent Circle is a precious gift to yourself that sends ripples of wellbeing into your family life, friendships, community and far beyond. 

At The Women's Hearth we strongly believe that when we heal and celebrate ourselves we heal and celebrate the world. 

The centre of Red Tent Circle work encouraging women to practice self care and wellbeing as they travel through the stages of Womanhood.
Come and join us in the safe, sacred, nurturing and creative space of the Red Tent Circle. Imagine a beautiful place where you will be welcomed just as you are, into the Sisterhood of women. We have found that women who join us even for one evening or just for the day leave the Red Tent renewed, radiant and ready to go out into their lives, recommitted to their own true path. When women join together, a palpable power is always created and this energy brings to each participant a priceless yet uniquely personal gift that has its foundation in truth, understanding, love, care and support. Women just love to be with women! It's fun, delicious, wild, honest, raw, beautiful and deeply inspiring.

Seasonal Circles

Through the seasons The Women’s Hearth celebrates the turning of the year with circles that honour the Celtic Festivals. Although we live in Australia many of us are of Celtic heritage and the festivals, themes and traditions offered by the Celts mirror perfectly the energies of the Earth in the Southern Hemisphere (in reverse) and embrace the stages of Womanhood from cradle to grave. Join us in reverence, joyful merry making and feasting to celebrate the Equinoxes and Solstices as well as the Fire Festivals of Imbolc, Beltaine, Lammas and Samhain!

Goddess Circles

Immerse yourself in the love, power and wisdom of the Great Mother. Enter our Goddess Circle and experience the qualities, mysteries and wisdom of Goddesses from many different countries and cultures. Come dressed in their colours, listen to their stories, sing their songs, dance their dances, make Goddess pendants or other adornments. Cook and eat their favourite food, drink their herbal infusions. 

Make your offerings and receive their Blessings! Be astounded by the power of this practice. Feel the presence of the Goddess within yourself in your own perfect way and see that she is well and truly alive!

Mother and Daughter Circles

This Red Tent Circle is especially for mothers and daughters aged 10 to 12 years old. The intention of these circles is to plant the seeds of women’s wisdom with a gentle introduction to the cycles of nature, the menstrual cycle and being in the circle of Sisterhood. During the day we share story, simple craft, self care activities, lots of laughter and fun, good food and a spiral dance! New friendships are formed and mothers have some well- earned time to themselves. We invite you to gather your own group for us to visit! We will bring the magic to you!

Listening to the Crone Circle

Do you hear the voice of the Crone? She who sings within all women no matter how young or old? The trinity of the Goddess - Maiden, Mother and Crone together reside in a woman’s body and psyche. These circles work with Crone - the Elder, the wise woman who is sure-footed, clear, all-seeing, fierce, loving, accepting, magic, and freedom-loving Grandmother. 

Through drum journey, meditation, story, drum and song, as well as crafting sacred objects we can recognise, cultivate and connect with this wild, raw, powerful, fun and wickedly infectious energy and bring that to our daily lives, our community and earth. Sometimes the Crone Circle evolves into a wonderful, wild Crones' Day out!

You're welcome to try it out…

If you've never been to a Red Tent Circle or any kind of women’s sacred circle, come and try one out to see what it is all about!  You are very welcome to phone either Anne-Marie or Penny to ask any questions about these Circles. 
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