Welcome to a sacred place that holds women as the unique precious jewels that they are, where they are seen, celebrated, and embraced in acceptance and community.

Our deepest passion is to bring that primal flame of the Sacred Feminine into our work to honour the rhythms of Womanhood and the Great Mother’s seasons and cycles as we change.

Sisterhood of the Drum

Come and be part of the Sisterhood of the Drum!

Making a frame drum is an act of Reclamation for a Woman’s Soul, Heart and Body as once Women were the drummers!

Thousands of images of ancient artefacts illustrate Women as drummers in ceremony, religion, celebration and in midwifing birth, death and all Rites in-between. It is time for us to rise up and reclaim our heritage with the creation of a dreaming, intentional and healing drum!

At our drum making retreats we support women to birth their own Bridget Drum or Healing Drum.

These retreats are a nourishing, honouring, sacred space where drums are birthed with ceremony, song and drum beat. We share our stories, our wounds and our visions and the drum is the container for this sacred journeying. Anne-Marie and Penny are with you every step of the way on this initiatory experience. 

You will leave our drum-making retreat with a new community of Sisters, feeling ‘seen’ and empowered with new skills and strengths on so many levels.


Penny and Anne-Marie are experienced drum makers who apprenticed with Jane Elworthy at 
Return to Light in 2017 and continue to be blessed by her mentorship. 
 We also acknowledge the inspiration that the work of Carolyn Hillyer at Seventh Wave Music brings to all of our circle, ceremonial and drumming work.

Make Your Own Drum at The Women's Hearth

We offer a range of different drum~making experiences at The Women's Hearth including 3 day fully residential retreats, 3 day non-residential journeys and 2 day intensive workshops. The experience of birthing your own frame drum is a powerful initiation and we are honoured to be your midwives on the journey.

But don't just take it from us, here are some words of reflection and gratitude from women who have made drums with us...

"Music has been flowing from me continuously since l left the retreat on Sunday. It's so healing and l truly feel my authentic self again, being a wiser, more gentle version."   Denise (Joyful Weaver)
"The drum making retreat was a truly memorable and sacred experience that was created with so much care and I felt held and nurtured throughout the entire process. We shared so many laughs, tears, songs and good conversation that was pure soul nourishment! I love my new drum, that was skilfully midwifed through Anne-Marie and Penny's steady support and ceremonial honouring. I would highly recommend this experience of deep transformation and empowerment to any woman who is called to birthing her own drum."   Stacey Smart
“Thanks for a wonderful drum-making weekend and for all your help, support and sacred energy. My drum has the most amazing harmonics/resonance to it; it sounds like a whole chord not just a single note, and I love it so much.”   Jessica
"It was so, so lovely to meet you both on the weekend. I had the absolute best time and know that I will treasure my drum for the rest of my days. Thank you both again so much for creating such a beautiful experience, with Karen. The whole three days were just the perfect mix of the sacred, time in the circle, productivity and relating. And food!"   Sarah
"Over the course of the entire drum retreat I felt so held and supported by Anne-Marie, Penny and all the women on the retreat. I felt the true meaning of sisterhood as we sang, danced, played, chatted, cried, laughed together, and each of us created a wonderful unique drum. I felt so honoured and respected, seen and heard by every member of the group and had so so much fun!! It was a transformational experience that I will hold in my heart forever. Thank you Anne-Marie and Penny for all your love and support over the weekend and for creating such a unique and wonderful experience for women!"   Molly

The Bridget Drum

The Bridget Drum is a feminine drum that embodies the qualities of the Celtic Goddess Bridget and St Bridget of early Celtic Christianity. She is the Guardian of poetry, story, healing, new beginnings, crafting, midwifery and all Women’s sacred business from birth through to the Wise Woman of Elder years. Bridget is also Keeper of the Sacred Flame and our beloved Guardian of The Women’s Hearth.

The Bridget Drum is made with a 15” hoop-pine timber frame and rawhide of deer, goat or kangaroo. The rawhide lacing is woven into a St Bridget’s cross, forming the handle at the back of the drum. This drum is equally powerful as a shamanic tool and a musical instrument for rhythm making. 

Let us guide and support you through a three-day drum-making experience of a lifetime and join the Sisterhood of the Drum!

The Healing Drum

The Healing Drum has a powerful resonance that is perfect for sound healing, for shifting energy, holding ritual and ceremony. Being a nonagon shape, the Healing Drum embodies the energies of cosmic consciousness, Divine purpose and spiritual blessings

The Healing Drum is made with a 16" nine-sided paulownia timber frame and rawhide of deer, goat or kangaroo. A natural stick handle is inserted into the frame and the drum is finished with kangaroo leather trim.

One-to-one or small group drum-making retreats make this a very special experience as we hold the space for you to give birth to your Healing Drum. 


We would be honoured to birth a Bridget Drum or Healing Drum especially for you. Our drums are lovingly and expertly crafted with you in mind. Tell us your story and the intentions you wish your drum to manifest and we will create a unique, beautiful, high quality drum that has been blessed with ceremony, ritual and prayers at The Hearth. 
For costs and delivery details please contact us.

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Words of gratitude...

"Medicine Drum is such a sacred sound healing instrument that was pivotal in my own healing over the years. So to find someone who held the same reverence and sacredness was very important to me as the drum I wanted was quite specific in the work I do as a full time sound and energy healer.  Anne Marie was heart open, compassionate and very attentive to my specific needs.  'To help people connect with their divine within' was my intention for  the drum when she asked. 

Anne Marie delivered this above and beyond in the custom making of my Drum on a heart filled Leo full moon (I'm a Leo).  I could feel the energy I was after and magically connected instantly, feeling the heart and the sacred lineage of Jane Elworthy that was put into the drum! 

The attention to detail in the drum was unbelievable and the drum has become such a major part and evolving process in my healings and journeys facilitating  the channel so purely  as people share the deep transformation experiences of what this drum has done for them, particularly in opening the heart areas which in fact has done exactly as the intention was ... finding their own heart... their unique divine . It definitely has its own unique deep echoing, a very powerful Shamanic vibrational presence that never fails to heal. 

Many thanks and Much Love to you and your team Anne Marie ... you do wonderful embodied sacred work during this time when sacred vibrations are so needed for people to remember who they are."

Ty Criddle, Om Didge Healing

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