Welcome to a sacred place that holds women as the unique precious jewels that they are, where they are seen, celebrated, and embraced in acceptance and community.

Our deepest passion is to bring that primal flame of the Sacred Feminine into our work to honour the rhythms of Womanhood and the Great Mother’s seasons and cycles as we change.

The Power of Making Space for Wisdom

The Power of making         Space for Wisdom  

For almost 13 years of working in Circle with women of all ages we have witnessed over and over again the innate power that women hold within.  What Circle work offers is a space to enter into a place that allows that inner wisdom to surface, to be experienced and witnessed by others.  In day to day life these flow moments are rarely able to surface and come into the light as we are all so busy doing, creating, influencing and being influenced to really allow time and space for the stream of  true wisdom that lives deep within our Souls. 

At The Women's Hearth Circle work is always based on beauty and nurture, safety, authentic Sisterhood and gentle invitations to join in with the activities we offer.  In opening a ceremonial circle space we anoint, bless, sing up welcome as if to soothe women with a sweet lullaby, and within a short moment of time women are present, comfortable, in a deep space and ready to begin healing the bundles they have carried with them and to reweave the threads of their visions.

It is simple yet profound.
It is practical yet magical.
It is the work we offer as part of our commitment to the Mothering of Earth.
Please enjoy the slideshow above created a few years back when we enjoyed a full day of exploring our Inner Wise Women!  We share it now as it is one of our favourites and as a good example of how we entwine beauty, wisdom, nourishment and fun together. There is nothing like making your own broomstick and then having a fly around a woodland property with a gaggle of magnificent singing women!

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