Welcome to a sacred place that holds women as the unique precious jewels that they are, where they are seen, celebrated, and embraced in acceptance and community.

Our deepest passion is to bring that primal flame of the Sacred Feminine into our work to honour the rhythms of Womanhood and the Great Mother’s seasons and cycles as we change.

Don't Think Just Sing!

                          Stop thinking! 
                               Just Sing!

Singing and drumming is often better than thinking...... and the first video below is a great example of that! Sometimes we just can't get on with doing what makes us happy or sharing with the world our gifts because we want it to be perfect and this means we choose to avoid being in our hearts and bodies! The video below of Penny and Anne-Marie drumming in the Rainbow Cottage garden is not perfect but it's real, it's authentic and it is an example of the foundation of The Women's Heart - genuine work for women who are yearning for the authentic - celebrating the uniqueness and vulnerability of the Feminine in a sacred, safe and loving space. 

When we are truly ourselves we Bless the Earth, we Bless our community and we Bless ourselves.       


Enjoy the video below of Carolyn Hillyer singing a beautiful song called 
'Come into the Water Sisters'. 
This is an inspiring song and sums up powerfully the call to just jump on in. 
 Watch until the very end as Carolyn immerses herself still singing in the streams icy waters! 
 We spent time with Carolyn on her property in Dartmoor, UK, 
 in ceremony in her Round House and Nomad Tent. 
 We too went into these waters and they are indeed utterly freezing! Even in high summer!
  Carolyn laughs delightedly at the very very end - worth waiting for. 
 If you are interested in Carolyn's work go to https://www.seventhwavemusic.co.uk 
  you will find the greatest of treasure!

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Blessed Be dear Sisters!

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