Welcome to a sacred place that holds women as the unique precious jewels that they are, where they are seen, celebrated, and embraced in acceptance and community.

Our deepest passion is to bring that primal flame of the Sacred Feminine into our work to honour the rhythms of Womanhood and the Great Mother’s seasons and cycles as we change.

Women's Journeys

A woman’s life journey is a manyfold path…

And every woman’s journey is different. Unique and powerful and bound to the blueprint of her Soul.

A woman’s life journey is a manyfold path… at times a spiral walk, a whirling dance, a chaotic maze, a deep dark labyrinth, a soaring mountain climb, a soul-numbing grind, a relentless long haul night, a crazy risk, a brilliant mistake, a fair-weather friend, a broken heart…
… at times a woman’s journey takes a different route than she expected, she learns that there’s life on the other side of pain and struggle, she is reborn to new possibilities, there’s wisdom in the making and strength for the taking as she navigates her rugged and beautiful life.

Along the way, a woman gathers sisters, other women who walk and talk and tend and mend beside her… together they find common ground, they ride the storms, soothe the bruises, create beauty, inspire joy and ensure that each other is seen and heard and honoured.

At The Women’s Hearth, we hold a safe, sacred and nurturing space for women to come and tend the hearth of their own life journeys.

We come together to share our stories, we bear witness, we bless and encourage each other, we express our fears, our sorrows and our doubts as well as our wonder, our joy and our gratitude. We see the gifts that each woman brings and we hold her hand as she tends to her heart. We offer a warm embrace and medicinal tea, we sing to her Soul as she remembers who she is and why she’s here and where she’s going. In this way, we carry each other forward and downward, we spiral up and we dance around. We bless the very ground on which we stand and Mother Earth holds us all in her loving arms.

A Sacred Temple

The Women’s Hearth is also a sacred temple where we honour our deep and inherent human need for ceremony and ritual. Reverence for all life forms in all realms is at the heart of what we offer. We always bless our Hearth with Beauty. We open the sacred space of the Circle with anointing, drum and verse. We acknowledge the words of women with confidentiality and respect. We work with sacred tools and healing sounds. We celebrate the transitions in women’s lives with sacred ceremonies that revel in the glory of such precious moments in time. We hold each other dear and give thanks for the blessings of all that we share.

Red Tent Circle

Red Tent Circle was born of out of our desire to support women to reconnect with the seasons and cycles of Nature, within their own bodies and Souls. In the Red Tent women come together to learn about the menstrual cycle and how it waxes and wanes with the moon. They come to learn the art and practice of self-care. They come to be nurtured, as they are so often the nurturers of others. They come to sing and dance and celebrate the Sacred Feminine, the joys and sorrows of being women, the sweetness of authentic Sisterhood.

Seasons and Cycles of Nature

As founders of The Women’s Hearth, we (Penny and Anne-Marie) were called to honour our Celtic roots and the ancient seasonal wheel of our ancestors. We follow the traditional festivals of Autumn Equinox, Samhain, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltaine, Summer Solstice and Lammas as they unfold the Soul journey of the year. Working with this natural cycle, we nourish and strengthen our Souls, breathing in and breathing out as Mother Nature intended.

Honouring and learning more about the local indigenous seasons is something we are committed to.  At the beginning of any event, we always acknowledge the traditional custodians of the country on which we live and work, the Noongar people of south-west Western Australia. As we tune into the seasonal changes here and we deepen our connection to the places we love, we are ever more grateful for the care taken by the elders of this ancient land.

Stages of Womanhood

Since ancient times, the journey of womanhood has been described in many cultures as the holy trinity of Maiden, Mother and Crone. For us, this still rings true. The essence and qualities of each of these archetypes lives within every woman whether she is aware of them or not. Their wisdom is the realm of the Great Mother herself. Our work at The Hearth is to reclaim these oft forgotten and deeply buried aspects of the Sacred Feminine, to bring them home and make them sacred again.

Over many years, we have studied and experienced the work of Carolyn Hillyer whose 8 stages of womanhood resonate deeply within our bones: Girlseed, Bloodflower, Fruit Mother, Spin Woman, Mid Woman, Earth Crone, Stone Crone, Bone. To work with these vital aspects of a woman’s life is to honour the sacred in every woman. When we focus on each stage and all the elements that each entails we deepen our experiences and gain more than we could ever have dreamed possible. We follow the natural rhythms of life and we recognise the collective experience of others within ourselves. We join together as Sisters on the great journey of womanhood.

Goddess Myths and Archetypes

Throughout human history, people from all countries and cultures have worked with the wisdom teachings of deities and, here at The Women’s Hearth, we know the power of embodying the Goddess. Each goddess has her own basket of gifts to share and She can help us to discover these gifts within ourselves. 

Working and playing with the stories, energies, symbols and traditions of the goddesses offers a creative and potent way into those aspects of ourselves that we may wish to heal, hone and honour. 

Being part of a Goddess Circle is a magical experience where we get to see the essence of divinity in every woman. We play in the light and explore the dark. We embody the beauty, the vulnerability, the strength and the wisdom of every facet of the Divine Feminine.

Power of the Drum

In her seminal work “When the Drummers Were Women”, Layne Redmond documents the incredible history of the sacred drum and shows us how once, women were the drummers. For those of us with European and Middle Eastern heritage, discovering this little known herstory is a revelation. 

Embracing the drum as a symbol of our feminine power and reclaiming our birth rite gives voice to our own rhythmic Souls.

 We are deeply grateful to our drum teacher and mentor Jane Elworthy with whom we took an apprenticeship to become fame drum makers. Over the past few years, we have developed our own style of teaching these drum-making skills to women. 

We offer them as part of a beautiful, healing and empowering three day process in which women birth their own unique drum. Like any birth, it is an initiation experience that offers each woman an opportunity like no other. It is a sacred and creative act of will and heart, body and mind. 

Crafting a drum, with ceremony, in circle with other women, and becoming part of the Sisterhood of the Drum is an act of personal and cultural empowerment. Women are being called to take back the power of the drum that we most truly deserve.

Sisterhood and Community

At The Women’s Hearth, we are building authentic relationships based in mutual respect, support, encouragement and nurture. We love to welcome new women and we love to connect. So please join us at The Hearth!

Special Ceremonies & Events

From time to time, we offer special one-off ceremonies and events and some of these are free or by donation or have a fundraising element. Themes for these events may include Full Moon and New Moon, International Women’s Day, and Sisterhood Movie Nights.

Events at The Women’s Hearth are posted here on our website, on our Facebook and Instagram pages and via our Newsletter. We invite you to Connect with us and receive news of our events as soon as they’re available.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Women’s Hearth soon!

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